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Todi and Orvieto sit 35 kms apart in the Tiber valley. To have one beautiful medieval city on your doorstep is a privilege, but to have two is an indulgence! The cities were notorious and jealous enemies throughout the Middle Ages as the competing wealthy families battled for supremacy of this region. By the 13th century both had become so powerful that the then pope (the infamous Cesere Borgia) had to intervene and both cities eventually become part of the Papal States ruled from Rome.

Orvieto also sits on a high rock outcrop. Its skyline is dominated by the Duomo which is one of the most beautiful churches in the world. It was founded by Pope Nicholas the 4th in 1290 but tookalmost 300 years to complete what you can see today. One of our favourite restaurants – ‘Vinosus’ sits at the end of the piazza which surrounds the Duomo. It is owned by Luca Fratini whose motto is ‘life is too short to drink bad wine’(


The capital of the region of Umbria; it occupies a strategic position on a hill dominating the Tiber Valley. Its historic centre is based upon an Etruscan lay-out and a modern city surrounds it on the lower slopes. It has high speed rail links to the rest of Italy and north to France and Switzerland.



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